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Focus - Double Exposure
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Fecha:  2014-10-15

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Focus - Double Exposure
Blu-ray 5.1 DTS-MA Upmix
By Sansdancer

This is my compilation of songs by the Dutch Rock/Jazz group Focus, upmixed to 5.1 DTS-MA surround sound using the Spec method and tools available on Surroundbyus.com. (I also utilized several other audio editing programs.) This upmix can only be played on PCs and Blu-Ray DVD home theater/audio systems capable of decoding and playing DTS-MA files. You can burn it to standard DVD+R or DVD-R blanks (they do not need to be blu-ray blanks) using the MDS or ISO file. I recommend ImgBurn for best results.

Disc One

1. Harem Scarem
2. Anonymus
3. Focus I
4. Hocus Pocus
5. Round Goes The Gossip
6. Focus II
7. Early Birth
8. Aya-Yuppie-Hippie-Yee
9. Focus III
10. Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!
11. Rock & Rio
12. Bennie Helder
13. Eruption (Parts I - V)
14. King Kong
15. Sylvia (Live at The Rainbow 1974)
16. Hocus Pocus (Reprise) (Live at The Rainbow 1974)

Disc Two

1. Father Baccus
2. House Of The King
3. Janis
4. Glider
5. Sylvia
6. Focus IV
7. Neurotika (Rehearsal Take)
8. Birth
9. Hocus Pocus (U.S. Single Version)
10. Curtain Call
11. Hamburger Concerto
12. Sneezing Bull
13. Hurkey Turkey
14. Anonymus II
15. Hocus Pocus (Live at The Rainbow 1974)

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