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The Steve Miller Band - Saving Graces
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Fecha:  2015-03-19

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The Steve Miller Band - Saving Graces 5.1 DTS-MA Blu-Ray Upmix by Sansdancer (sbu)

This is my compilation of highlights from The Steve Miller Band's career 1968 - 2011, upmixed to 5.1 DTS-Master Audio lossless surround sound using the Spec method and tools available on Surroundbyus.com. and several other audio editing programs. This upmix can only be played on PCs and Blu-Ray DVD home theater/audio systems capable of decoding and playing DTS-MA files. You can burn it to standard DVD blanks (they do not need to be blu-ray blanks or burner) using the ISO files. I recommend ImgBurn for best results.

The sources used were remastered CD albums (of those that are available), DCC gold discs and one track that is my vinyl rip. Featured tracks include my extension of the album version of "I Want To Make The World Turn Around" with the addition of the guitar solo from the 12" version and my completely new arrangement and remix of "Macho City".

Photo slides accompany each track and include details about the albums - musicians, guests, recording locations & dates, release dates and Billboard chart performance.

There is also a text biography on Steve Miller that runs through the program via the slides. As with all my compilations, the songs are not arranged chronologically but rather as possibly how the artist might play them in concert. (In a concert situation an artist with a catalog that spanned this many years would not play their songs in order from oldest to newest.) I think this format works especially well for an artist like Steve Miller. Some people like his older stuff and felt he went too Pop or trendy with his 80's hits, while others are not even aware of his early Rock catalog or later Blues excursions. My program covers all those bases and I think the styles compliment each other. Since the tracks do not run in chronological order (and obviously the biography does), the bio text on a slide usually does not apply to the track that is playing. I could have put the bio all on two to four slides by itself, but I think it is more fun to read as the program moves along.

Comments are always welcome. Enjoy!

Track List

Disc One
1. Gangster Of Love (Live in Detroit 1982)
2. The Stake
3. Living In The U.S.A.
4. Shangri-La
5. Ain't That Loving You Baby
6. Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
7. Motherless Children
8. Ya Ya
9. Fly Like An Eagle
10. Wild Mountain Honey
11. Going To Mexico (Beacon Theater NYC 1976)
12. I Love You
13. Pretty Thing
14. Baby's Calling Me Home
15. Bongo Bongo
16. Sugar Babe
17. Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around
18. Abracadabra
19. LT's Midnight Dream
20. Hey Yeah
21. Jungle Love
22. Macho City (Sansdancer Remix)
23. Your Saving Grace
24. Superbyrd

Disc Two
1. Little Girl
2. Jet Airliner
3. Fandango
4. Space Cowboy
5. Italian X-Rays
6. Take The Money And Run
7. Things I Told You
8. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
9. Rock Love
10. I Want To Make The World Turn Around (12" Version, Edited)
11. Going To The Country
12. Mary Lou
13. My Dark Hour (Shady Grove, Washington, DC 1973)
14. The Last Wombat In Mecca
15. Filthy McNasty
16. Swingtown
17. Quicksilver Girl
18. The Joker
19. Heart Like A Wheel
20. Rock'N Me
21. No More Doggin'
22. Keeps Me Wondering Why
23. Cry Cry Cry
24. Baby's House
25. Song For Our Ancestors

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