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MKVToolnix v8.4.0
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Fecha:  2015-09-30

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Datos Técnicos
MKVToolnix v8.4.0 Multilenguaje
Spanish Incl. | FREE | 35 MB | 68 MB | Setup + Portable | WIN & MAC | 32-Bit & 64-Bit
Crea, modifica e inspecciona archivos Matroska (MKV)

MKVToolnix es un conjunto de herramientas que te ayudarán a crear, modificar e inspeccionar archivos Matroska. Hace para Matroska lo que OGMtools hace para el formato OGM.
Con estas herramientas puedes obtener información acerca de los archivos Matroska (mkvinfo), puedes extraer pistas y datos desde los archivos Matroska (mkvextract) y crear archivos Matroska (mkvmerge) desde otros archivos multimedia. Matroska es un nuevo formato de archivo multimedia con el objetivo de convertirse en el nuevo formato de contenedor para el futuro.

Contenido Adicional
MKVExtractGUI-2 (
Extrae piezas MKV utilizando esta herramienta
MKVExtractGUI-2 es una aplicación sencilla, fácil de usar, diseñada para ayudarte a extraer piezas de matroska (MKV) trabajando con mkvtoolnix.

gMKVExtractGUI 1.6.2
Esta interfaz gráfica de usuario simple y fácil de usar para MKVToolnix te permite extraer pistas, archivos adjuntos o etiquetas desde los archivos MKV
gMKVExtractGUI es una sencilla herramienta que te ofrece una interfaz gráfica de usuario para la utilidad mkvextract (que es parte de MKVToolnix), incorporando gran parte (sino toda) de la funcionalidad de las utilidades mkvextract y mkvinfo.
Gracias a este programa, puedes utilizar casi el 100% de las funcionalidad de mkvextract (admite la extracción de pistas, archivos adjuntos, capítulos en XML y OGM, etiquetas y hojas CUE).
Puedes utilizar mkvinfo para analizar los elementos MKV de modo realmente rápidos, y detecta automáticamente el directorio de instalación de MKVToolnix desde el registro.
No requiere que el ejecutable se coloque dentro del directorio MKVToolnix y utiliza las extensiones de archivo para las pistas según CODEC_ID como se define en la documentación oficial de mkvextract. La herramienta utiliza hilos separados para activar mkvextract a fin de poder tener una GUI receptiva.

MKVCleaver v0.6.0.7
Permite la extracción de pistas, archivos adjuntos, códigos de tiempo, hojas cue, etiquetas y capítulos

La aplicación MKVcleaver fue diseñada para ser una pequeña utilidad que permite la extracción de pistas, archivos adjuntos, códigos de tiempo, hojas cue, etiquetas y capítulos desde archivos MKV en modo por lotes.
Estas son algunas de las características clave de “MKVCleaver”:
GUI simple (prestada de OGMcleaver)
Admite arrastrar y soltar
Anula el modo por lotes para cada archivo
Lista de las principales pistas bajo cada archivo
Detección de VFR
Extracción automática de códigos de tiempo de vídeo para los archivos VFR
Convierte pistas H264 a AVI
Nomenclatura de archivos de salida para la fácil ordenación
Detección de directorio de salida
Información completa para cada archivo bajo demanda
Modo de sólo códigos de tiempo
Copia archivos necesarios al mismo directorio automáticamente (excepto MkvToolNix)

Cambios Recientes
Version 8.4.0 “A better way to fly”

MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor bug fix: whenever the additional modification of »expanding start/end timecodes to include the minimum/maximum timecodes of their children« was run on an edition entry then ChapterTimeStart and sometimes ChapterTimeEnd nodes were inserted as direct children of the EditionEntry node when saving. This resulted in invalid chapters.
MKVToolNix GUI: new merge tool feature: when dragging & dropping files onto merge settings already containing a file the user can set more options to be always done instead of asking (before: only adding files to the current merge settings could be thus marked; now: adding to current, adding to new settings and adding each file to new settings can be set to perform without asking). Implements #1388.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool enhancement: when dragging & dropping files onto merge settings already containing a file the dialog asking the user what to do has received a new option for creating one new merge tab for each of the dropped files. Implements #1380.
mkvmerge: bug fix: the pixel dimensions reported for VC-1 in MPEG transport streams in verbose identification mode was 0x0.
mkvmerge: bug fix: the number of channels and the sample rate reported for DTS in MPEG transport streams and MPEG program streams in verbose identification mode was 0.
mkvmerge: container and track properties in verbose identification mode are now output sorted.
MKVToolNix GUI: new merge tool feature: the »tracks« tree view contains a new column titled »properties« which contains basic track properties: the pixel dimensions for a video track and sampling frequency, number of channels and bits per sample for an audio track. Implements #1295.
mkvmerge: enhancement: the verbose identification result for all audio tracks has been extended to include the number of channels, the sample rate and the bits per sample where applicable. Part of the implementation of #1295.
all: bug fix: parsing of strings containing negative values or timecodes was broken on 32bit architectures. Fixes #1425.
mkvmerge: the verbose identification result for the MPEG program stream, MPEG transport stream and WAV readers has been changed for audio tracks in order to match the Matroska reader’s result. The old keys »channels«, »sample_rate« and »bits_per_sample« have been replaced by »audio_channels«, »audio_sampling_frequency« and »audio_bits_per_sample«.
mkvmerge: enhancement: the pixel width/height will be reported in verbose identification mode for all video tracks.
MKVToolNix GUI: new merge tool feature: added a column in the track list showing the effective state of the »default track« flag. It shows the state of the flag as it will be in the output file. Implements #1353.
mkvmerge: enhancement: when mkvmerge encounters garbage data in the middle of AC3 or MP3 tracks it will now output the timecode where the garbage occurred in order to make checking for audio/video sync issues easier. Implements #1420.
MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor enhancement: added a column in the tree with the edition’s/chapter’s flags.
MKVToolNix GUI: new feature: the state of all columns in all list/tree views can be reset (both the shown/hidden state as well as their order) from the column’s context menu. See #1268.
MKVToolNix GUI: new feature: the column headers of all list/tree views can be re-ordered via drag & drop and the GUI will remember their position upon restart. Additionally the columns can be hidden/shown via a context menu by right-clicking on the column headers. Implements #1268.
MKVToolNix GUI: new chapter editor feature: added an option for skipping chapters marked as “hidden” in the re-numbering dialog. Implements #1414.
all: new feature: added a new translation to Serbian (Cyrillic) by Jay Alexander Fleming (see AUTHORS).
MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: the header editor will convert ISO 639-2 terminology codes used in language elements to their corresponding bibliographic variants. Implements #1418.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: if the output file name policy »last output directory« was used then manual changes to the output file name weren’t recognized as changes to the last output directory. Fixes #1411.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: the »default subtitle charset« is not applied to text subtitles from Matroska files as those are always encoded in UTF-8. Fixes #1416.
MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: the titles and button texts of dialogs asking questions have been improved to be easier understandable. For example, instead of using »yes/no« as the answers to the question »Do you want to close the unmodified file?« the choices are now »Close file/Cancel«. Implements #1417.
MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor bug fix: the »shift timecodes« action in the mass modification dialog wasn’t working at all, and selecting multiple actions in the dialog would result in wrong actions being executed.
MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor enhancement: when loading simple/ OGM style chapter files that contain non-ASCII characters and which do not start with a byte order mark (BOM) the GUI will let the user chose the character set to use. A preview is shown for the selected character set and updated when the user changes the character set.
MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool enhancement: added »remove all« and »select all« entries to the attachments context menu. Implements #1386.
MKVToolNix GUI: job output enhancement: the output, warnings and error text views are now separated by two splitters enabling the user to change their respective sizes. These changes are remembered over restarts. Implements #1394.
MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor enhancement: pressing shift+return will cause the next appropriate chapter control to be selected depending on where the focus currently is: from a chapter input (start/end time, flags, UIDs) to the next chapter entry’s start time, from a chapter name to the next chapter name and from the last chapter name to the next chapter entry’s first chapter name. Implements #1398 and complements #1358.
MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor enhancement: pressing return on the very last chapter entry will wrap and focus the first one in the tree again. Enhances #1358.
MKVToolNix GUI: bug fix: fixed the total job queue progress with respect to removing completed jobs (either automatically or manually). Fixes #1405.
MKVToolNix GUI: bug fix: mkvmerge is now run in with the same interface language set for the GUI.
mkvmerge: bug fix: The formula used for calculating the audio delay for garbage data at the start of tracks in AVI files has been fixed again. It now uses the values dwStart, dwScale and dwSampleSize from the AVI stream header structure instead of values derived from the audio packet headers. Fixes #1382 and still works correctly for #1137.
MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: scrolling over input elements like combo boxes, check boxes and radio buttons located within a scroll area will now scroll the scroll area instead of the element the cursor is over (e.g. a combo box). Implements #1400.
all: the environment variable _OPTIONS is now parsed for options for TOOL (e.g. MKVMERGE_OPTIONS for mkvmerge). MKVTOOLNIX_OPTIONS is still used for all programs. Fixes #1403.
MKVToolNix GUI: bug fix: fixed the escaping of the command line for cmd.exe regarding the command name itself (the very first argument).
Fixes #1401.
build system: removal: the switch »–without-mkvtoolnix-gui« has been removed. There are only two GUIs left in the package: the Qt-enabled mkvinfo and MKVToolNix GUI. Both are enabled by default and can be disabled with the option »–disable-qt«. In that case only the text-mode version of mkvinfo is built, and the MKVToolNix GUI is not built at all.
Removal: all support for wxWidgets has been removed. This means that the mkvmerge GUI (mmg) has been removed and that mkvinfo now only supports a text-mode and a Qt-based interface.
build system: bug fix: fixed Qt platform plugin detection on MacOS.

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