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The Witcher Fantasy Edition
Plataforma: PC

Total Descargas: 3.047       En Abril: 1.365

Fecha:  2011-08-06

Torrent:      Descargar         Tamaño:  16.69 GB

The original world created by the imagination of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, comes to life in an epic role-playing game. There is no single positive hero, corrupt governors, lascivious princess, knights and ruthless.

The game s plot is being developed with the participation of the Andrzej Sapkowski. In this amazing fantasy world there is no clear boundary between good and evil. All decisions of the player and his reputation form a unique storyline with three possible endings.

The Witcher | The Witcher:
The main character - Geralt, Witcher from Rivii, a professional fighter monsters. He does his job not the best of intentions or desire to make the world a cleaner - he simply earns a living. To confront dragons on an equal footing and ghouls, warlocks brought up from childhood. And out of hundreds of children who started training, only ten survive. In the arsenal Witcher - conventional and silver weapons, drugs and elixirs, deadly for the unprepared person, the magical "signs" that can control other beings. The player chooses what methods Geralt will hold better.
Six combat styles, dozens of potions, modifiable weapons and magic - all it will help win over any opponent. Special thanks fans will get a dynamic combat and spectacular ways to destroy the enemy (for example, the player will be able to decapitate the enemy, cut his throat, guts, impaled, brain, etc.). The battle system is based on real medieval battle tactics. In order to battle seemed realistic in the animation involved a specially invited masters of martial arts experts and sword fighting.

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